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Going Green

Mitchell Building Services, LLC is proud to be the first general contractor in West Virginia to employ Green Advantage™ Certified Green Building Professionals. We have also assembled the first team of West Virginia subcontractors that are Green Advantage™ Certified Green Building professionals.

What does this mean to you?
We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in designing and constructing a building that will have lower utility bills, increased comfort and better durability. We also work with you on tax incentives available to help offset the cost of some of your components. Lower utility costs combined with tax incentives result in attractive payback periods and increase the value of your property. Whether your goal is to incorporate only a few green components or to go "net-zero" Mitchell Building Services can help you make it happen.

Why Build Green?
Commercial and residential owners directly benefit from green building practices through:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Lower water bills
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Healthier buildings for the well-being of its occupants
  • Greater occupant satisfaction (improved productivity and lower absenteeism rates)
  • Improved re-sale values

From June, 2006 Harvard Business Review:

"Green building means lower overhead costs, greater employee productivity, less absenteeism, and stronger employee attraction and retention. Companies as diverse as Bank of America, Genzyme, IBM, and Toyota are constructing or have already moved into green buildings. Green is not simply getting more respect; it is rapidly becoming a necessity as corporations - as well as home builders, retailers, health care institutions, governments, and others - push green buildings fully into the mainstream over the next five to ten years."

Green construction means more to us than simply adding energy efficient components to a design. It allows us to build quality businesses and homes, while enhancing the well-being of inhabitants, creating ways to support the environment and serve our customers with integrity and confidence that what we're doing - and the way we do it - can make a difference.

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To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to thank Mitch and his team for such a great experience. When Rea of Hope was ready to hire a contractor for our New Life Apartment project on the East End, I had an idea of what to expect; delays, arguments with contractors, workers not showing up, job completion way past deadline, over budget, etc., in other words, a real nightmare. Selecting your company was the best decision we ever made; working with you and your workers was, OK I'll say it, a pleasant and fun experience. Management, supervisors, skilled and unskilled laborers were all polite, friendly, eager to help and answer my many questions and even put up politely with my suggestions. This was not our first project and there were some other parts of this job subbed out; what I learned was that you were the only contractor who came in on time, under budget and stayed in daily contact with me. Your company changed my ideas and my expectations of building and rehab projects.I now know it is possible to have a polite and trusting working experience with mutual respect and admiration for each others skills. I would not hesitate in recommending your company for any job and I look forward to our next project..

Marie Beaver
Executive Director

Contact: Marie Beaver, Executive Director, (304) 344-5363 or


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